Science Hack Day India, 2017

Posted: 2017-11-30T20:51:00+05:30 | Source | Tags: 3d printer Belgaum SHD
So, finally, managed to clear up some time to write about the best event of the year I have attended - Science Hack Day India, 2017. This was my second time to Science Hack Day, India. SHD 2016 was so phenomenal, there was no way I was missing it this time either. Phenomenal more because of the wonderful people I got to meet and really connect with because the entire atmosphere about the event is more like an informal, friendly unconference type. This year it was no different.

                Picture Credit: Sayan Chowdhury

Science Hack Day 2017 was truly bigger, better and even more fun than last year. Happening at one of the most happening venues, Sankalp Bhumi Farm, just the stay is so lovely, one doesn't need much other reason to attend it. Unlike last time, this year I had two friends accompanying me to Science Hack Day. We reached early morning in the 0th day. Like all conference, it was really good to meet everyone whom I personally was meeting maybe after 6 months, or an year or maybe for the very first time. There were general discussions about who is working on what and the new terminal emulator they are using, or the nginx trick that they might be using or the new great open source software they came across. But this is something everyone knows happens when techies meet. What mostly people don't know is thing like cycling and kayaking that we do. So most of the afternoon was rather spent in cycling and kayaking by everyone and having fun rather than any serious discussion at all. In the evening there was an informal introduction by everyone so that to get a little accustomed. After dinner, everyone bid goodnight and went to sleep.

But have you ever heard geeks sleeping just after dinner? Obviously not. So it was a matter of time before everyone again re-grouped at the hackerspace which was setup for the next day. Then I and Farhaan had the privilege of listening stories from a dreamy Sayan Chowdhury which marked the end of the day for us.

Next morning, after breakfast, it was time for mentor introduction which was followed by a great basic idea about how an aeroplane flight works. Reminded me of my science classes and I started wishing that we had similar explanation using a proper unmanned aircraft. And it wasn't just theory and theory, but we got to see that aircraft actually fly. This marked the actual notion of a hack day that we don't just talk, we make and also break stuff. After this it was time to start with our hacks. Unlike my plans before both me and my friends started working on assembling of a 3D printer which was mainly brought for Hackerspace Belgaum. I always thought what is the big deal in assembling but I realised I was so wrong.

The entire assembling took all day since we were doing for the first time and were figuring out stuff as we went with it. I mostly attached parts while my smarter friends figured everything out and told me what to attach where. By dinner it was ready and assembled. And I was like "Yay! Let's start printing". That is when Siddhesh told me that the trickiest part is yet to be done, that is calibration. So we got started with it. When calibration was all set and done it was time to print. So we decided to print the "Hello World" of 3D printing, i.e. a cube. So the cube started printing, the first layer got printed, the second layer got printed and by the third layer, everything came off. We realised the bed wasn't heating.

A little disappointed we settled for the day and went off to bed. Next day we decided to use glue to make the bed somewhat sticky. This time it printed. Not so perfectly but mostly all good. I have never been more excited to see a tiny little white cube and neither have I seen so many other people behave the same. After that it was time for rocket flying followed by a group photo. The event was marked with the project presentation by every team.

Hoping to come back again next year.